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It has been almost two weeks since I arrived in London, and those weeks have flown by! I imagine the rest of the year will do much the same, and I'm excited to see what it will bring. After I left off last time, I spent a few more days in London. My time there… Continue reading Day…11?


Day 1: Walking

Well, after over a year of planning and working towards seeing it happen, it has; I arrived in London yesterday morning. My last few days in Canada were a whirlwind of packing up my room, getting the rooms ready to be rented, packing, and trying to finish the last few small things on my to-do… Continue reading Day 1: Walking

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Crafty Times.

I spent a bunch time cutting the pages out of my travel book, painstakingly hole-punching all the pages, and tying them together. It probably wasn't worth it as I still ended up with nearly 2/3's of the book, but it's a bit smaller and lighter; and I keep telling myself that it was worth that.… Continue reading Crafty Times.