Crafty Times.

Took it apart to try and reduce the size/weight. Was pretty much useless as I found out that I needed about 2/3's of it...

I almost had heart failure doing this. First time I’ve ever destroyed a book. My mom asked me if I cried. I didn’t.

I spent a bunch time cutting the pages out of my travel book, painstakingly hole-punching all the pages, and tying them together. It probably wasn’t worth it as I still ended up with nearly 2/3’s of the book, but it’s a bit smaller and lighter; and I keep telling myself that it was worth that. They’re held together with twist ties right now, I still need to get some binder rings…. There wasn’t much space to put the holes on the outside of the pages, and so as a result, the book is backwards. But I’ll manage.

I also booked the first hostel tonight, and I’ll book my ferry ticket to Holland sometime in the next week. The hostel I’m staying at in London is pretty close to Oxford St., Soho, Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, the London Eye, and a bunch of other monuments, parks, and museums, so it will be a busy few days. If anyone has any suggestions for things in London that are “Must see/dos”, let me know. My trip is ending in London, as well as beginning, and I intend to spend at least a couple of days there at the end.

This is tedious and annoying. I may as well paint them on.

This is tedious and annoying. I may as well paint them on.

Another small task I’ve been completing, making my pack all Canadian and shit!  Unfortunately I cannot make it smell like maple syrup and poutine, so these will have to do. The pack material is hard to sew through, and the result has been messy stitching and bleeding pricked fingers. But, I will persevere and get them all on. (Even if I wave to resort to staples…)

Bit by bit, this is all coming together. Soon, I will leave Canada for the first time and become completely lost in a foreign country! (Just kidding, Mother… maybe)

But, that’s all the news I have for tonight, so, until next time!

I’ve entered the frantic, panicky stage.

Last night, after going over the pros/cons of flying or taking a ferry from the UK, I decided on the ferry and completely re-did the start and end of my trip.

Originally, I was to go from the UK, to Ireland, to France. I am now going directly from the UK, less than a week after I arrive, to Holland and am beginning my journey there. Scotland, Ireland, and the majority of my UK stops will be near the end of my trip.

This reduces the amount of looping back I will have to do, and makes my trip a little more balanced. I would have liked to spend more time in the UK before I entered the rest of Europe, but I’m hoping this will work better.
An actual post to come, tonight or tomorrow.

Quick Update.

Tonight was an expensive night, but a productive one.

Things that I accomplished include:

  • Purchased my Railpass, which should be here nearly 2 weeks before I leave.
  • Purchased my traveller’s insurance
  • Ordered my Hi-Hostel card (Still not 100% sure I needed this, but I’ll have it for this trip and will be able to see if I need it for future trips)
  • Ordered my International Student card (Huzzah for ‘under the age of 26’ discounts).

I’m currently checking into the prices to flying  from Ireland to France, or taking a ferry from UK to the Netherlands. That covers all of my major expenses that I need to do before my trip, and the only big thing left is to book my first hostel for when I arrive in England.