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The Countdown Continues

There are now only 139 days until my departure! Time has been flying by and I am so excited; things are being ticked off my lists, and I’m getting a lot accomplished. Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better to use SWAP or a similar program, but I am figuring things out on my own and have not hit any major snags so far. There is still a few major things to do, such as (hopefully) securing a job, preparing my room to be rented out while I’m gone, and getting my new hiking shoes broken in.

My Working Holiday Visa got                  PPWV
approved, which was a huge relief as it meant I wouldn’t have to change any of my already made plans or bookings. None of them are set in stone, but still! Phew!

Originally I mentioned that I had hoped to find work at in hostel in Galway. I do still plan to be there at some point during my trip, but have expanded my parameters a bit and am now considering a few different parts of Western Ireland. I have reached out to a few hostels (though it’s still quite far in advance, so I might have better luck in the new year), and have received a response back from one. We’ve exchanged a couple emails so far but nothing definite, so I won’t go into too much detail. I do have my fingers crossed, as I believe this would be a great opportunity to start out my year in Ireland and gain some experience working in a hostel.

On a side note, I’m also still planning on heading to Japan at some point (with friends or on my own!) so I’ve started researching more into that; making note of things I’d love to see or do, the best regions to travel, and the cheapest way to get around. If anyone reading this has any experience they’d like to share, I’d love to hear it!

There was nothing particularly exciting to this update, still just a lot of planning, but SOMEONE was bugging me about it. So here you are. Things are still progressing and I’ve slowly been picking up various must-haves and travel gear over the past year. Here’s a couple extra photos to add some pizazz to the post. Some travel essentials that will be in my bag(s) and a handy little pocket guide I found!


Until next time!






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