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The Adventure begins.

First off, I’d like to apologize for this post taking so long to appear, but getting time combined with a steady Internet connection has been a bit challenging.

It’s been a while now, so I’ll just do a recap of my time spent in London.

The travel: Leaving Canada, everything going according to plan, all my flights are on time. At least, they were until I reached Toronto. After arriving in Toronto, there were planes landed all over the runway and so we had to wait on our plane for over an hour while we waited for the plane currently in our gate to leave.

Once we actually got into the airport, it was a mad rush for me to try and make it to my next gate. But no sweat!, all the planes are being delayed, so there was lots of time. And then the flight was delayed an hour. And another. And another. And another. Finally, for a flight that was supposed to depart around 11pm, at 2:40am we were informed that the flight had been cancelled entirely. What followed in an effort to get a seat on another flight was handled very poorly by Air Canada, but I’ll not take up time with that right now.


This is the face of someone who has spent 19 hours in an airport.

Eventually, I had a new flight, and after approximately 21 hours in the Toronto airport, I was on my way.

London: First off, let me say that London was great. After I got in, I managed to locate my hostel, and had what was a much needed shower and nap. After two days in airports, I wasn’t up for much exploring, so my first day was pretty much spent catching up on lost sleep, getting past jet lag, and checking out the hostel. It was actually a pretty nice hostel. I’ve been told that its one of the newest YHA hostels in London and I had no issues with it.

My second day in London, I decide to participate in the free walking tour that was offered daily (it showcased the royal attractions, like the palace, and the Trafalgar Square). It was on this excursion that I met Mel (whom also happened to be one of my roommates), and Sam, both of whom are from Australia. It was a decent tour and afterwards, Mel, Sam, and I all went for an authentic British pub lunch. I had bangers and mash for the first time, which was okay, except I discovered that I don’t particularly care for sweet onion chutney.

The following day, the three of us decided to see a performance, and so we set out, going from theatre to theatre, in search of cheap tickets for that night’s show. Our first choice’s were completely sold out of the cheapest seats (The Lion King & Wicked), and so we went with secondary choices. we ended up getting tickets to separate shows, Sam and I went to see The Phantom Of The Opera, while Mel decided on seeing Viva Forever (a musical based around the songs of the Spice Girls).


The following day was pretty lax. We all went out and did our own things, with plans to meet back at the hostel later that night to participate in a pub crawl, which was really fun. There was a decent group of us by the 2nd bar, and during the crawl, we met another Australian named Isabelle, or Belle (Who happened to be one of Sam’s roomies). It was a lot of fun and we even got to educate one of the bartenders on what a ‘Glitterbomb’ was (Goldschläger and red bull, think jägerbomb).

The next day, after a reviving takeaway breakfast of bacon sandwiches and orange juice from the cafe near our hostel, we set out to see the changing of the guard. This included Mel, Belle, Sam, and myself. After this, Belle and Mel left to do their own things, and Sam and I headed back to the hostel. It had been Mel’s last day, so this was goodbye with her. Sam had moved from Australia and would be working/living in the UK for 12 months, but it was also her last night at the current hostel. I had decided on one more day in London before I continued my adventure in the rest of Europe and as I had not yet reserved a room for that night at the hostel we were at, I left with Sam and we became roomies for a night at another YHA hostel, where we met two of our new roommates, Phoebe and Annabelle. These two were also from Australia. (I have met so many people from Australia, like you have no idea). But they were pretty awesome, and we went out with them for dinner for a last English pub dinner (for me at least).

My last day in London was eventful. Sam and I decided to do some touristy activities and so we set our sights on the London Eye and the Tower of London. At the Tower of London, we saw the Crown Jewels, (lots and lots of sparkle…) Both the tower and the eye were very cool, and the London Eye would be amazing at night.


After these, it was time for me to depart London and make my way towards the Netherlands. I had decided by this point to actually see Amsterdam on my way back (when it’s warmer!), and so took the ferry only to Holland so that I could catch a train from Rotterdam to Brussels. The ferry was neat, I had booked the night journey, and therefore also had to book a cabin for the journey. This was great because I got a cabin (And a nice shower!!!) all to myself and was able to sleep a little bit before I arrived in the Hook of Holland.

I’ll continue on with the next leg of my journey, (Brussels and then Paris), in a bit, but I think this has been a decent enough post for now. Until next time.


3 thoughts on “The Adventure begins.”

  1. Finally! I have been waiting for this. 🙂 I see there are a lot of Aussie travellers in London. Hahaha! This is soo awesome! The airport part was a bummer though. good luck on your future travels! 🙂 I hope you have lots of fun and amazing new experiences :))

  2. Wow! I hear you have an amazing trip planned! Enjoy every minute, take lots of pictures! Experience everything you can and never say no to things you have never tried ( well within reason) haha! If you ever need a travel partner… :). Your long lost second cousin T

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