On the road, soon to be in the air

I’m currently on my way to Grande Prairie with my parents (Thanks for the lift, try not to cry too much, Mom). I didn’t get much sleep last night, not sure anyone did, thanks to a pair of dogs, whom are probably sleeping at this very moment… Never had much luck sleeping in vehicles, so if at any point I have time to grab a dirty chai, I’m taking it.

Once in Grande Prairie, I’ll have my last “Canadian” meal with them, and then it’ll be a dash to the airport to make my flight. Two connections for my ‘to Europe’ side of things, Grande Prairie, to Edmonton, to Toronto, and then a +7 hour flight to London! I really only have an hour between each of my connections, and I’m not well versed with airports, so this will be quite the experience by itself.

My next post will likely come once I’m actually in London, (after I’ve slept for a solid few hours), so hopefully I’ll have something more to tell then.


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